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New Online Marketplace Is Aimed At Installers

This month sees the launch of a new, first-of-its kind online service aimed at fenestration industry installers. Recognising that the business support needed by installers and SMEs in the industry is often difficult to reach, 'UBoom' aims to make such support not only affordable but instantly accessible.
Incorporating products and services chosen specifically for the sector, UBoom offers installers an invaluable and vast range of toolkits to help their business boom.
From business management tools, employment contracts, training schemes, marketing, sales, telephone answering services, photography, social media, website audits, feedback programmes, showroom support and much more, UBoom pulls together the most appropriate and affordable fenestration industry support and presents it all in one 'at a glance' place. Whether it be creating a virtual showroom or sourcing the right software for selling windows and doors online or getting hold of an easy invoicing system, this site has done all the hard work and identified the ideal solutions for installers from a range of tried and trusted suppliers.
UBoom is the latest initiative from Inside the Box Marketing. Commenting on the launch, Director Chris Globe says:
"Like any other successful enterprise, UBoom is simply solving a problem. Over the years it has become clear when talking to installers and SMEs in the fenestration industry that they have all the same business needs and challenges as large-scale companies. However, so many of the business systems and support tools in the market are often too expensive and not necessarily appropriate for them. We believe that solutions that are specifically tailored to the sector, hand-picked, affordable and all in one place are something from which installers and SMEs will truly benefit.” 
“Similarly, we have met so many small suppliers over the years with fantastic products which will really benefit the industry, and it felt like the right time to put all the parties in this landscape together."
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