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BetweenGlassBlinds Reaches Landmark Order

Last month, BetweenGlassBlinds reached a fantastic landmark - we processed our 10,000th order!!  Mark Nash, MD of both Vistamatic and BGB UK said: 
“When we started up in 2012, branching out from what was a small subsidiary brand of VISTAMATIC, we never really expected the level of growth that followed or the success in building customer bases so quickly in brand new sectors. To reach this milestone so soon is a fantastic achievement, and everyone involved deserves a huge amount of credit.”
“2020 has been the most challenging year so far to say the least! However, thanks to a very supportive customer base, versatile supply chain partners, and a committed internal team, we've come through it stronger and are more than ready for the next 10,000 orders. Bring on 2021...”
The company are a manufacturer of double-glazed units, complete with fully integrated Venetian or pleated blinds, hermetically sealed between two panes of glass. Stylish and contemporary in appearance, the blinds are easy to maintain, as the blinds contained within the sealed unit are safe from dust and dirt.
They are truly versatile and can be used in windows, and both internal and external doors, wherever privacy is required. Ideal for bi-folding and sliding doors where other solutions are not practical. 
Exceptionally user friendly, the blinds are available with an operating system designed to suit every environment. Manually controlled units are cordless, and operated via a smooth easy-to-use sliding magnet. Motorised units are available in two versions - battery powered or hard wired (which work as part of a fully automated smart home system). All BGB products are available in a wide range of colours as well as a full range of glazing options including solar control, noise reduction and fire resistance. 
For more information contact Between Glass Blinds 0208 500 2200 or visit






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