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Updated Consumer Brochures For Every Residence

The consumer brochures for The Residence Collection, which includes R2, R7, R9 and RD (Residence Doors), have all been recently updated with their renowned style, content and vision. This helps make them the standout retail publications in the window and door sector.
As one of the most highly regarded brands in the industry from a marketing perspective, sumptuous and detailed new photography feature throughout the new brochures, helping to inspire style savvy consumers with a better window and door proposition.
As much as R9 has defined the true timber casement alternative, R2 is now starting to inspire consumers and specifiers looking for the ultimate contemporary window and one that boasts bold and square architectural lines throughout. These are featured in the new brochure, along with new case studies and a wide range of unique finishes, including several dual-colour options.
The commercial success of R7 has been significant over the last 18 months, given the fact that it’s a window and door platform of 75mm and aimed at the middle market, yet sharing the same architectural lines from the outside as R2 and R9. This brochure is intended to inspire the masses, where the product philosophy and design options are explained with unique photography throughout.
R9 needs no introduction, but the brochure is designed with the consumer, building specifier and even local authority planner in mind, with Conservation Area details contained within and the design criteria for the ultimate true timber alternative platform carefully presented. Throughout all three brochures are details on RD, the Residence Doors brand, which now benefits from a dedicated brochure of exceptional engineered residential, open-in and open-out double doors.
Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director for The Residence Collection enthused: ‘We’ve always been proud of our consumer-facing marketing and the latest incarnations of our brochures continue to inspire homeowners across the UK. Powerful and persuasive marketing has not only helped build our business, but those of our manufacturing and installation partners over the years and we’re now investing in the brand more than ever before.’ 
For further information please visit and You can request a free brochure pack via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 01452 348650. 
You can also add to their following on Twitter @residence9 and engage with them on other social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz.






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