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Conservatory Drawing Service

Giles Hayhurst owner of Bradley Giles Ltd has branched out into another area of business. Whilst 70% of Giles’ work is setting up and servicing Windowlink’s Focus and Vector software he has recently started a drawing service for those requiring professional CADs for conservatories and orangeries.
Whilst roof suppliers often offer a service they often only have the details of the roof and don’t always have enough detailed information regarding the frames, dwarf wall etc. therefore any drawings they produce can be lacking in detail, this applies especially to orangeries. In addition, with demand as it is it can take a few days to get a drawing created and that can lose a sale.
Giles casually placed a post in a Facebook group and was somewhat surprised at the demand and, as a result, he created the Conservatory Drawing Service. “All our customers are really impressed with the quality of the printouts and especially like the fact that they are colour matched and include their company logo. Our customers know that all they need to do is to scribble down what they need and we’ll do the rest”
“I love using the Vector software which I helped design” he said, “it’s pretty quick but powerful and I can produce a drawing in about 15 minutes, even special designs take only about half an hour, as I thoroughly enjoy doing this work I normally turn a drawing round within the hour even at weekends”, he said, “and customers have been impressed with the quick service.” The drawing sets he produces consist of views from several angles plus one large one from an advantageous angle. “Occasionally my customer will also provide a photograph of the house and I will then superimpose on to it”. 
There’s a Facebook page Conservatory Drawing Service and the web address takes you to that section of the main website.






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