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Lack of Transparency

Craig Brookes, Sales Director
I never thought I’d be a business owner, never mind running a business in a global pandemic. What a strange time to be alive. While I have empathy and compassion for the businesses that have closed, people that have lost their jobs, many are also faced with a tremendous increase in work. 
Correct Choice has seen work load triple, maybe its because people are not going on holiday, they’re sick of staring at the same four walls and want some extra space creating at their property, home offices and overall upgrading of their homes, its gone mental. Many people in trades are saying the same, which is not the worse problem to have but can easily get out of control and do more damage than good. 
Lead times are getting longer, material shortages, back log of work loads and a lack of transparency. However, relationships can easily be destroyed and many trades people and suppliers are in danger of ruining relationships with their customers, why? 
Well its simple, people are not talking, lack of communication and false promises are being made, it’s a sure way to destroy a consumer/business relationship quite easily, especially in double glazing where consumers are excepting some sort of issues or lies. 
You will never beat being transparent with your customers, whether an installer or supplier. It simply does not make sense currently to make false promises and ruin a relationship; you will never beat good communication.
And when this all blows over, work load resumes to normal, materials become easier to obtain and lead times reduce, that feeling from customers will never go away, they will remember who was transparent and who communication correctly with them. We are all in the same situation but there are ways to make it a lot easier.
That’s what Correct Choice have done, simple, keep communication to the highest level at all times, it doesn’t cost a penny, just a little time but the rewards will be far greater once this is over and people will remember you and how you went above and beyond for them. No one likes false promises, poor excuses and lies.
From my experience customers in general are very understanding and will work with you, given the communication is there, if its not we are simply setting ourselves up for failure.
Remember, treat people how you want to be treated.






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