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The Largest Glass Tempering System In The UK And One Of The Biggest In Europe

Lambert GT Services Ltd have supplied and installed for NSG Pilkington ( St Helens UK ) an AG Series Northglass Glass Tempering System, which is now the largest glass tempering system in the UK & one of the biggest in Europe, it is capable of producing a single piece of tempered glass, measuring 3.2 meters wide and 12 meters in length.

The machine has been installed at the Pilkington Architectural plant in St Helens UK. Pilkington NSG produce the world-renowned Pilkington Planar Structural Glazing System. Used extensively around the world on many prestigious buildings, Planar demands the very highest quality tempered glass in terms of precision, flatness, and distortion. 
The creativity of architects around the world is also pushing for minimal visible structure behind the glass so Pilkington also needed larger glass sizes. Their team viewed & considered all the main tempering system suppliers within the Industry. Part of that process took the Pilkington team along with Lambert GT to visit Northglass headquarters in Luoyang, China.
They had already inspected other Lambert GT and  Northglass installations within the UK but wanted to look at the glass quality being produced from a large Northglass machine, discuss their specification / requirements and to see the size of the Northglass organization.
After returning to the UK and 6 months of consultation & negotiation, the machine was ordered. When it was ready to be shipped, both Pilkington & Lambert GT made another visit to China for a final pre shipping inspection.
Before the machines arrival into the UK, Lambert GT engineers arrived onsite to construct the bespoke sound room that would house the quenching section of the 100 meter long machine, the structure which measured 14m x 8m was built while the machine was on the water - in an effort to reduce the installation time. The positioning was critical as this would essentially determine where the machine would eventually sit.
Part of Pilkingtons requirements was to keep their amount of time without a tempering system to a minimum, so Lambert GT planned to install the new tempering system alongside their old system from the furnace up – this would mean that from the load table to the new washing machine would be prepared and installed at the last phase.
On 29th May 2019 the first of thirty four 40ft containers arrive into the yard at Pilks, and from then on, a team of 7 Lambert GT Midlands-based engineers started the task of safely offloading over 200 tons of machinery. The engineers worked tirelessly alongside 4 NorthGlass counterparts to ensure the install kept ahead of schedule. The daily contractor briefing that took place each day for 30 mins started to become a formality but the engineers are proud to say that they completed the project well ahead of schedule and more importantly in a manner that meant the project went as smoothly as anyone involved could have envisaged.
On July 22nd, 2019, some 55 days after the first container arrived the machine was put through its acceptance tests which would take 14 days, as soon as a product had passed acceptance they were cleared for production. David Lambert, Joint MD  comments: “We’re delighted to have been able to supply this plant for Pilkington, arguably the most trusted brand in the business. For a small family run business to be able to supply and install the biggest system in the UK fills us with a great sense of pride and achievement” 
The new NorthGlass furnace is not just capable of the highest quality but can also produce a single piece of tempered glass 12 m x 3.2 m, the largest available in the UK. This particular machine is Standardly equipped with “Intelligent Heating Control Module”, “Super Flat & Spotless technology” and optionally with “Gapless Forced Convection technology”, A-series tempering furnaces can effectively & stable temper almost all kind of glasses with minor optical distortion and slight iridescence. A-series is the most popular choice of a tempered glass production furnace for all kind of glass processors who prefer the most advanced tempering technology in combination with optional different levels of convection ( Upper Convection , Lower Convection and Full Convection) for all kind of sensitive Low-E coatings as well as for screen printed glasses.
Recently Lambert GT engineers returned to site with EuroTech Way to assist in the setup of RoboClean – a machine used for the automated cleaning of ceramic rollers inside the furnace. This is yet another piece of engineering that the enigeers are happy to give their seal of approval to. 
Lambert GT always source quality machinery to offer their customers – From IG lines by Hanjiang to Heat Soak ovens from RDM Engineering in Manchester. “We are in a good position to be able to cherry pick the very best suppliers and offer them to our customers, its always been said that we are only as good as our last machine. To that end we won’t flood the market with all manner of machinery as we want to make sure that what we do supply vindicates our customers choice in us.” David concludes.






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