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Conservatory Outlet Boosts Manufacturing Capability With £500,000 Investment

Greg Kane and Michael Giscombe
UK manufacturer of high-quality windows, doors, home extensions and conservatory products has pressed the button on a new £500,000 investment drive to increase output and capacity.
Conservatory Outlet, which employs 174 people at its 60,000 sq ft factory in Wakefield, is looking to build on a successful lockdown period that saw it achieve over £4m of sales across its 28-strong retail network of installation companies.
The improvements will be completed in four stages and include a number of infrastructure enhancements and the addition of a new ACT Schirmer Cutting and Routing machine that will dramatically improve the precision levels and edge quality of window profiles whilst increasing production efficiency significantly. This state-of-the-art installation will be joined in the new year by the construction of a 10,000 sq ft factory extension.
“Manufacturing is at the heart of what we do and it is vital for us to continue to invest in our factory so we can meet growing customer demand across existing and new product ranges,” explained MD, Michael Giscombe,.
“Our network of retailers has achieved amazing success in recent months and this led to us exploring new ways to increase capacity whilst maintaining lead times. The opportunity to purchase the latest technology and make some key changes to our infrastructure will make a huge difference at just the right time.
With all of the improvements, plus the factory extension, we believe we can increase capacity by 20% next year and, if the pipeline of sales is anything to go by, we’re going to need that production flexibility.”
Conservatory Outlet was purchased in an MBO in 2011 by current owners Greg Kane and Michael Giscombe. The duo has focused heavily on building strong partnerships with the company’s network of retailers, whilst also investing heavily in R&D to ensure it is setting consumer trends in windows, doors and conservatory products.






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