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Low Cost Film Application

In a joint development with Universal Laminators, Ashton Industrial is presenting an innovative, very low cost solution that takes all the skill and headaches out of those operations.
The SPARTAN™ is a manually operated precision industrial laminator which, despite its very simple hand-cranked design is built from heavy duty precision components. With no special skills needed and no power supply required, any new operator can be taught to use the laminator in just a matter of 10 minutes.
No more wrinkles, just great flat, crease-and-bubble-free lamination, professional quality film application on budget every time.
Developed with the benefit of 30 years’ industrial design expertise from Universal Laminators, the laminator is a logical entry-level version of the renowned automated film applicator range offered by Ashton Industrial, encompassing models at all levels of automation, single and double-sided, semi or fully automatic, and optionally with patented Micro-Cut automatic slitting systems. 
These not only trim waste automatically, even from mixed  and randomly presented glass or IGU sizes, but can also perforate Easy-Peel borders on all sides top and bottom. So the glass stays fully protected over its whole surface(s) through storage and handling and transport to site, even after glazing, just peel off the borders when ready to glaze and the rest stays covered right up to final handover.
Spartan makes life simple and efficient. Lites are separated nose-to-tail with a hand knife and, if processing mixed sizes, there is just one outside edge to trim. From under £11,000. 
And to compliment the Spartan Laminator for IGU producers, Ashton’s Hot Knife Border Trimmer simultaneously scores those Easy-Peel borders top and bottom.
Watch Spartan in action, use the QR code or go to






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