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Digital Toolkit For Installers

Louise Sanderson, Marketing Manager

The marketing team at Freefoam Building Products has released guidelines for PVC installers on how to get ahead with all things digital.

As a consequence of the recent pandemic homeowners are spending more time at home and inevitably more time online, so having a visible online presence has never been more important. Freefoam have produced an Installer Digital Toolkit with five easy ways for all home improvement companies to improve their digital footprint.

Facebook Business Page

You probably have a personal Facebook account but create one for your business too!  If you use your personal profile as a business account, Facebook will remove it (read the next section if this is you)
Go to
• Name your page, and create a business category – probably Home Improvement.
• Add a profile photo and cover photos – choose high quality images as this is going to represent your business!
• Add your business details and opening times – Put in as much information as you can including a background to your business, the services you offer, the areas you cover and any professional qualifications. 
• Invite people to like your page – search Facebook for your recent customers. Contact suppliers, tool hire and other businesses you come in to contact with.
• Create posts – use photos and share your news and special offers.
How to change a personal Facebook profile to a Business page 
• Choose a category for your company.
• Invite friends and followers.
• Add and Copy images/videos you’d like to keep.
• Review and Publish

Facebook Photo Albums

Create photo albums so customers can see your range of work. 
• Click on the word ‘Photos’ from the menu. You will then see a + sign to create an Album.
• Add photos from your phone. 
• Add a description to each photo. Very handy if you want to highlight particular products or finishes.
And the best part is that whenever you create or add to an album, Facebook AUTOMATICALLY updates your page with a post that all your followers can see. 
Use Albums to 
• Show installations: People love before & after photos, and photos of each stage. 
• Product ranges: Create albums for each of the different products you fit eg windows,  doors, fascia, gutter etc. 
• Supplier photos: Create albums of photos of supplier products. This is useful when a supplier has a wide range of choice. Contact suppliers and manufacturers like  Freefoam, they will often be happy to send you images to use.

Instagram Stories

Post Instagram video stories as you are working, or when you’ve finished a job. This gives your followers an instant update and is a great way to get large full-screen photos or videos right at the top of feeds. 
• Take photos or short video clips of your work.
• Ensure you've taken photos or videos at a variety of angles (far away, close up, side on.) 
• Showcase all the different product parts that you've installed so you've got a variety of images/videos.
• Choose a caption that reflects your installation well.
• Tag any relevant companies that you might have worked for or with.
• Choose a filter to overlay your photo/video and instantly upgrade the quality of your content, but use the same one everytime to create a consistent brand theme. 
• Post 2-3 times a week if you can, social media takes time to build up, but if you're patient it can pay off. 

Google Business Page

Google is all powerful, particularly for businesses that operate in a local geographic range - you should make it your best friend! Owning and regularly updating your Google Business page will help your overall ranking.
• Google your own business name and a Google Business page will appear. Claim this page as your own.
• Complete all the fields (business opening times, photos, description of the products and services you offer)
• Add photos regularly. Google uses all parts of your listing to rank your business. It measures and ranks the number of times your photos have been viewed compared to other business in the same sector.
• Ask your customers to post reviews on Google. This is one of the best ways to improve the ranking of your company locally. You will find a ‘short link’ in Google Business. Save this short link and text it to customers. 

Your Website

Make sure it showcases your FULL RANGE of products. As Freefoam are seeing a high number of Google searches for cladding, add a separate page for this.  Include these phrases in the page to help people find your business: Exterior cladding,  PVC wall cladding, External wall cladding, Exterior wall cladding.






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