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Pulling Out The Stops

Alchemy Architectura Aluminium Systems are pulling out all the stops to support their customers following lockdown. 
Operating with a full capacity workforce and an increase in demand, Alchemy have invested in the new SBZ  122/73 profile machine centre from Elumatec to aid increasing production capacity and speed.
Director, Ian Moorcroft expresses: “We are really happy with our addition to the production process. The 4-axis controller and fool proof software will really speed up fabrication, whilst the accuracy of the machine centre will continue to allow us to provide the highest of quality products that we are known for. It is a win for both us and our customers. The investment in the machinery will continue to show its worth into the future as the innovative software will not become obsolete with advances in technology, keeping Alchemy ahead of the competition in both quality and customer service.”
The SB 122/73 boasts the advanced eluCam software and the 4-axis machine simplifies the labour intensive process of adding essential drainage slots. The spindle of the new machinery travels twice as fast as the companies previous 3-axis machine, whilst the water-cooled option allows high-speed machining with required precision. The addition of the SBZ 122/73 to Alchemy’s production line will lead to faster and high-quality fabrication, and Alchemy getting products to their clients faster. 
Alchemy Architectural Aluminium Systems Limited, based in the Midlands manufacture Smarts, Seniors, Reynars, Schueco and Metal Technology Systems. For more information on products or any enquiries call 01922 634009 or visit






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