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Lets Talk Mental Health

Craig Brookes, Sales Director
Some of you may have referred to me as “the big bearded guy from LinkedIn” or maybe “the Yorkshire man that sells windows,” others we can’t write here. However, you can call me Craig Brookes Co-founder and Sales director at Correct Choice Windows & Doors Ltd. 
One thing that people don’t do enough of is “talking”, especially men, so lets talk. While mental health awareness is on the rise, more people are discussing the subject each day, but are you?
Whether you’re running a business, subcontracted, employed or furloughed, it’s a tough time at the minute, very strange out there and something we have never experienced, so emotions and pressure will be higher than ever. So now is the time to unload that discomfort, the pressure and take that knee off your chest. Too many people suffer in silence, now is the time to reach out to a loved one, a friend or maybe a professional and have a chat, it did wonders for me, it could do wonders for you too.
I kept stacking my problems on top of each other for years and never felt like I could discuss it. It created depression and anxiety issues that eventually got unbearable, until one New Years Eve when I just couldn’t take anymore, luckily one of my friends was there to listen to me and was shocked I’d kept this to myself for all this time, however the next day I felt so much better, felt relieved and felt like this pressure was taken away from me. It does come back now and again but now I know how to deal with it and that’s “talking”. As a busy professional you can get caught up in all the madness, working all hours, managing and spinning multiple different plates at a time but eventually things can catch up with you. 
An engine can’t run forever without being serviced, maintained, given a break with regular care, just like your brain.  Remember to take that much needed head space and that goes for everyone, talking and rest can sometimes be the best medicine.
Take care and protect your mental health at all costs in these crazy times.






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