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AB Initio Launches New Web Based Version Of Adminbase

AdminBase, the sales and management system for window and door installers, is now available as a web-based version, allowing users convenient and secure remote access to their company’s data, at any time.
The new web based version, launched in June 2020, includes the AdminBase data export service and a new and improved dashboard feature that allows installers to create and manage contract ’to do’ lists at a company level, it also integrates sales leads from an installer customer’s own website, directly into the system, and includes a copy of the Canvassers app, which gives canvassers or showroom staff the ability to submit leads remotely, via tablet or smartphone.
“Many people still prefer desktop applications, and while we still offer this service, the popularity of web-based services is increasing – and for good reason,” commented MD, Rhonda Ridge. “A significant percentage of the UK workforce operated remotely, from home, during lockdown. Many will, understandably, not want to return to the office for some time – some businesses, in fact, may struggle to safely accommodate staff – while others have found they are actually more productive, and prefer the flexibility of home working. 
“In any case, our new web-based system allows our continually expanding customer base a much easier, more user-friendly way to remotely access all the benefits of the AdminBase system.”
This latest evolution follows the introduction of its mobile apps earlier this year, which have since helped to revolutionise working practices for installers by offering a fully integrated, paperless overhaul of sales, surveying, installation and remedial services.
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