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Race 4 Children In Support Of Demelza

Orpington based manufacturer & installer, Grabex Windows, launches Race for Children to raise awareness and funds for Demelza Hospice Care for Children with the support of industry sponsors. 
Over the recent months we all felt the impact on our businesses, so did the charities with many now struggling financially. As our road to new normal started, more team members returned from furlough, we wanted to organise a fundraiser for our local Demelza, so they can continue to provide care. Demelza Hospice Care for Children provides tailored care to some of the most vulnerable children and young adults with terminal conditions and their families, by offering end of life service, urgent clinical care, facilities, nurses, therapists and dedicated volunteers to give them the time and space to feel like families again.
 “We’ve been supporting Demelza during our past Open Days and, as those events might not be taking place in the near future, we wanted to try a different approach this time,” says Michael Grabowski, MD of Grabex Windows. “By launching Race 4 Children we can continue to raise awareness and funds throughout the course of the year. Our campaign will see the Grabex team enter a series of 24h endurance kart race challenges starting in August at Teesside, then Rye House, famous Le Mans and Campillios, and also organise other activities in between the races.” 
We'd like to thank our sponsors: Reynaers Aluminium, Carl F Groupco, Remmers, IWM and Soukup, Wurth, Marsh Commercial, Stone Empire, Fit Cookie and UK IT Services who promptly got on board and provided us with their financial support and items that will be auctioned and raffled as our teams are racing! 
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