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Fenex Announces The Launch Of The UK’s First Ever Fenestration Virtual Exhibition

Bringing all the advantages of an exhibition to the digital world Fenex today announces the UK fenestration sector's first ever virtual exhibition aimed at the entire supply chain and the general public. 
Fenex is a brand new exciting, engaging and innovative platform to help expand businesses and offers a new way for anyone involved in the fenestration sector to experience a real hall atmosphere from the comfort of their own home, as well as a broad range of lead-nurturing tools and top-notch customer support from start to finish.
In the UK, the fenestration sector has seen much change in a  matter of a few months as businesses seek new and more efficient ways to reach their customers. 
The pandemic has brought about a revolution in digital communication and infrastructure that has allowed businesses to continue to function and thrive quicker than ever imagined. 
Fenex, the fenestration industry’s first virtual exhibition, aiming to help the industry. Whilst harnessing the capabilities that digital technologies bring, allowing businesses to reach new and existing customers in new and more productive ways.
Manufacturers and installers in the sector have already embraced the advantages technology brings. From online lead generation tools, online ordering with live tracking, live chat tools with businesses, virtual showrooms and much more.
Simon Monks, Managing Director of VBH, gives insight into the company’s decision to be a launch partner with Fenex: “These are different times. That means it is time to be different. With the landscape of how we do business drastically changed at least in the mid term and possibly much longer, everyone with an eye to the future has to change with it.”
He continues: “Fenex allows buyers, specifiers and influencers to see what suppliers such as VBH have to offer in terms of new products and services, all on one exciting platform, from their computer, phone or tablet. For them it is quick, inexpensive, and safe.
“For VBH it is an excellent opportunity to alert the market to our exciting new products. It is a perfect example of how we can all continue to move forward successfully, by doing things differently. 
“As a company that prides itself on moving forward, often by doing things slightly differently, VBH is delighted to be a launch partner for Fenex and are looking forward to meeting our existing and potential customers, virtually, come show time.”
Bringing innovation to the world of fenestration the inaugural main event is due to be held online in early April 2021. To help bring a sense of stability to uncertain environments, to help businesses find new pathways to growth. Even in these times of acute change, there always remains good opportunities.
For more information about Fenex, please visit:






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