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Britmet LiteSlate – A Truly British Success Story

LiteSlate From Britmet
Britmet started the journey into the composite slate tile market in 2017 in the bid to create an authentic, sustainable, lightweight slate. 
To research and test product demand in the UK, the company originally specified a synthetic tile to be manufactured in China. Almost immediately, market demand was confirmed and due to quality control issues, a decision was made to bring the manufacturing process to the UK.   
In 2018, a lengthy research and design process began. Britmet used real welsh slate in order to perfect the aesthetics and performance qualities of the LiteSlate. By January 2019, the development of the first mould had begun and the machine was inserted into the UK production plant. They accomplished their goal of perfecting the natural slate surface by May 2019, ready for the products launch at the FIT Show. Due to a long list of leads, full production of the UK LiteSlate quickly followed with stock retention plans in place. In summer 2019 the LiteSlate passed its fire testing with a BS476-3 Fire Rating and new mould designs started development.   
Increasing customer demand for the composite slate, has caused production to double – less than a year after the product launch! By the end of July 2020, production will have tripled.
The LiteSlate is designed with the environment in mind. Over 95% of the Polymers that LiteSlate is made from are recycled. In 2021, Britmet will recycle over one million kilograms of polypropylene!  
Despite having all the characteristics you can expect from a traditional slate, the LiteSlate won't break, chip or delaminate thanks to our sophisticated, ground-breaking design. This is further proven by its many accreditations and certifications to restore your confidence, including a BS476-3 Fire Rating and a 40-year weather penetration guarantee. The Britmet LiteSlate is a high-performance, synthetic slate tile that makes a superb modern-day alternative to traditional slate roofing for all projects!  
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