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Premier Make the Move to Wendland

new roof system
Southwest Fabricator, Premier Conservatory Roofs are pleased to announce that they are now fabricating Wendland Glass Roofs as part of plans to expand the business over the next 5 to 10 years. 
The decision to upgrade their glazed conservatory roofing products was taken prior to COVID-19 as part of a market review as the Bristol based company looks to the future. 
David Collier comments “The Team have been working hard over recent weeks to bring Wendland into the business and we’re excited by the opportunities that the Wendland provides for our customers. We were immediately impressed by not only the quality of the system, but also with the breadth of range that we can now offer. This will help our customers access more diverse and complicated roofing projects. We’ve always prided ourselves on quality and service and with Wendland we can now take that a step further.”
The roofing system is much more than a glass conservatory roofing system, with a host of conservatory enhancements like the Wendland internal pelmet and the Decorative Fascia, now available at Premier Conservatory Roofs. Wendland offers high quality at great prices and the system is easy and simple to fit. It is engineered for large spans, using a range of bolsters when needed to ensure that the roof is cost effective at any size. 
The hero of the range is the lantern which can be assembled in minutes. The Aluminium lantern is packed full of thermal breaks and with a host of clip-on features there are no visible fixings ensuring a really neat finish. ridgeLOCK gives the lantern it’s rapid fitting speed and the PCV-u version offers amazing value too. 
Wendland Glass Roof and Lanterns will be offered with Skyvent, an Ali-Ali thermally broken vent, already manufactured by Premier Conservatory Roofs. Customers will also benefit from a choice of performance glass when buying roofs. Every Wendland roof will be supplied with easy clean glass options in Blue, Clear and Neutral, and customers can upgrade to high performance glass with 86% heat protection too.  
In 2020 Premier Conservatory Roofs will celebrate their 21st birthday and Wendland is also celebrating 25 years in the industry. As the partnership between the two companies develops, these industry brands look set for success for decades to come.  
To contact Premier Conservatory Roofs, please email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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