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A History of Mastic Joint Sealants

(L-R) Andy McDowd, John Wiley, Peter Spence, David Hurley and David Boxall
Back in the early seventies, when trade apprenticeships were desirable and having a skillset with perfect craftsmanship was a badge of honour, through a growing construction boom, there became a requirement for a specialist task that didn’t quite fit into the remit of any standard trade, that of joint and gap sealing.
With adequate experience of the basic application procedures and realising the opportunity of such a niche service in the thriving metropolis, London-born David Hurley registered a company by the name of County Mastics alongside his wife Susan and father-in-law John, carrying out all the manual work himself, whilst John negotiated and secured contracts with established building companies and Susan took care of all the admin.
Based in Highams Park, North-East London, close to the borders of Essex and Middlesex, with a small yard for materials and a humble office space, they concentrated their efforts mainly on the capital and nearby surrounding counties where new builds and remedial work were plentiful for nearly a decade, taking on staff as appropriate, training them to a high standard and carving a solid, reliable reputation in the now established mastic sealant application trade.
With a growing selection of the biggest construction chemical manufacturers becoming more aware of the potential driven by this trend, new technologies were invested in and even more specific and technical products evolved, dividing the already booming industry into various niche applications.
In 1985, with the good name of County Mastics already built up and lots of materials being used regularly, soon enough, the big names proposed distribution business deals that simply couldn’t be ignored and the companies were split into two to accommodate the new, supply side and County Construction Chemicals Ltd. was born!
Substantial expansion, meant moving to a more suitable premises, a couple of miles away in Chingford, within easy reach of the M25, just off of the North Circular. This large warehouse and accompanying offices was to become the base for what is now one of the biggest, specialist construction material distributors in the UK, supplying many mastic sealant applicators, glaziers and other associated tradespeople through their modern showroom/trade counter and also their excellent E-Shop
With the distribution almost 50/50  between the counter and online, the list of trusted brand names includes giants such as DowSil, Sika Everbuild, Otto-Chemie, Tremco illbruck, Mapei, Fosroc and more recently their very own brands 3C Sealants & Liquid Jacket, these partnerships provide the basis for the largest selection of mastic joint sealant colours in the entire UK.
It’s fair to say that Countys and subsequently Sealants Online have been a true success story with the distribution side adopting a philosophy that, the business should evolve at the right pace, at the right time with an emphasis on technical experience to assist their customers with exact applications, which, very much separates them from the multi-national ‘sheds’ (as they’re known) who tend to concentrate on mass, seasonal turnover and fast stock rotation.
These days David & Susan Hurley are practically retired, with the day to day running and decision making handed to their son James, who is now, in turn, the hands-on guy who gets stuck into anything and everything that needs doing from chairing meetings to fixing door handles!
County Construction Chemicals
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