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Expertise And Innovation For Over Two Decades

Morley Glass & Glazing has spent 22 years becoming a respected specialist in the fenestration industry, thanks to its huge amount of expertise and experience in manufacturing Uni-Blind sealed units with integral blinds inside. 
The business has grown in capacity to today, where it has the capacity to manufacture around 2,500 integral blinds a week.
A close working relationship with Pelini in Italy makes them able to offer a full range of ScreenLine blinds to UK customers both for residential and commercial projects. The product differentiates Morley Glass & Glazing, with ScreenLine integral blinds featuring in each of the unique Uni-Blind systems Morley manufactures. Suitable for double-glazed windows and doors, Uni-Blinds integral blinds can be manual, cordless slider, slider, solar powered and motorised. 
Commenting on the growth of the company, Managing Director Ian Short says: “Our consistent growth demonstrates our commitment in our high-quality manufacturing processes and supply chain. Our focus is always on delivering added value to our customers who can rely on us for the best quality products and the best service. For example, this year we became the first company in the UK to achieve a fire-rating accreditation for our insulated glass units with integral blinds inside.”
With more than 300 fire-related deaths and more than 200,000 fire alarms raised annually in the UK, its never been more important that the correct building materials are specified. The fire-rated sealed units with integral blinds inside are manufactured in the UK using fire safety glass from Pyroguard and can deliver 30 to 120 minutes integrity and insulation fire-resistance. This means they comply with the performance criteria set out in the EU 305/2011 Construction Products Regulation, and have been independently verified by TUV UK, a UKAS accredited third party testing house. The fire-safety accreditation has been well received by architects and specifiers, who are pleased to have a product that offers both design flexibility and peace of mind. 
Morley Glass & Glazing has always been a business that takes customer feedback into account when coming up with new innovations, as shown when it unveiled its new and improved app at the start of the year. Having been inundated with requests from customers for a way to operate their integral blinds remotely using an app, Morley Glass worked closely with DV Smarthomes in association with home integration company Loxone to design the ideal app. The final product can be integrated into the fully electronic MB System Uni-Blinds to allow blinds to be operated via a WiFi connected device from anywhere in the world. 
Of course, like any forward-thinking business, they have also taken the time in recent years to examine where it can make improvements to its environmental status, and the company’s Leeds-headquarters is now home to a post-consumer glass recycling collection centre. After Morley customers have taken delivery of their integral blinds, they are encouraged to send the waste glass from their own customers’ properties back to the factory in the empty delivery vehicles. It is then fed into a cullet crushing machine, and when the half-tonne cullet collection bags have been filled, they are collected by Saint-Gobain Glass for use in the manufacture of its high-performance float glass. Recycling post-consumer glass delivers several benefits, including preventing glass from going into landfill, as well as reducing the cost and energy consumption of manufacturing new glass and reducing the amount of CO2 going into the atmosphere. As of the end of March, Morley Glass has produced 131 tonnes of cullet, saving 39,439kg of CO2 emissions. 
To further streamline their delivery process and fuel consumption, the company has recently introduced automated route planning software Fleet Wizard to all 26 of its delivery vehicles. The software gives  a clear visual of its weekly orders nationwide and enables the company to carry out easy load planning for vans that takes into consideration both location and load capacities. 
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