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The ‘Beach Hut’ - Reinventedy RIBA Award Winning Architects’ practice

The British seaside. Think promenades, ice creams, fish and chips (probably rain!) -  and of course, the defining architectural feature - the beach hut.
The Beach Houses, Royal Seabathing, Margate, aren’t, however, your average beach huts. First, they’re two storeys high, defined by anthracite-grey floor-to-ceiling glazing and larch cladding which forms the roof and wraps the walls. These high-end holiday homes also come with two bedrooms, each with underfloor heating, an en-suite bathroom and state-of-the-art sound system. 
Built on the site of the former Royal Sea Bathing Hospital that opened in 1796 to help children living in east London benefit from fresh air and sea water, collectively these features contribute to a £500,000 plus price tag.  And that’s before the view over Westbrook Bay is taken into consideration. Something made possible in part by the Easymount Vario by Bohle. 
Paul Groves, Contracts Manager, PGS Glass, which installed the 85m long ground level balustrading along the fronts of the 11 properties, explains: “We were brought onto the project because the ground floor wall wasn’t high enough to meet requirements. This meant that the developer WW Martin, was looking for a solution which allowed them to preserve the view from the lower balcony looking out over the bay, which meant that they didn’t want a rail and post system. 
“The challenge was that it is a coastal location and is quite exposed, so strength and the robustness of the solution was very important.”  The solution adopted by PGS Glass and WW Martin, was the Bohle EasyMount Top L mount profile, which supplied in 2.5m anodised aluminium, achieves a 3.0kN line loading with the Vario mounting kit. It combined this, with 17.5mmm toughened laminate to create a 500mm high balustrade above the line of brickwork. 
“We went a step further with the installation actually bricking over the fixings to provide additional strength.  I’m not sure if Margate is classed as being on the Thames Estuary or the North Sea but either way, the location was very exposed and subject to high winds, so it was really important that we could achieve and demonstrate the structural strength of the installation”, Paul says.
The requirement to withstand the worst the North Sea could throw at it, was only one of the challenges of delivery. At 85m long and running continuously across 11 properties, alignment providing another.  
“The brickwork looks straight, you think its straight but when you’re fitting a high precision product like balustrading along a continuous 85m run, you soon realise that it isn’t. So, getting the balustrading straight and properly aligned wasn’t easy but we had the flexibility in the system to do it”, Paul explains.  
Accommodating glass thicknesses of 12 to 21.52mm and suitable for interior or exterior use, EasyMount Vario mounting kits use a simple sliding movement to allow installers to achieve new precision in panel positioning, which, combined with simple fitting requirements cuts installation time by as much as 30 per cent.
This includes full adjustment from the balcony side of up to 34mm to the perpendicular, accommodating imperfections in the mounting base. A precision-fit is also made easier through the use of connecting pins. 
In addition to Easymount Vario Bohle also offers Vetromount, a new easy-fit balustrading system, which has been designed to simplify installation, still further eliminating the requirement for specialist tools and reducing fixing costs and offering residential line loadings of 0.74kN.
Like EasyMount Vario, its suitable for installation from one side and without the need for scaffolding, Vetromount can also be aligned to plus or minus 20mm in either direction by hand - and without the use of specialist tooling. The glass is then locked in place using an intuitive and patented push and pull mechanism.
Available in standard 2.5m and 5m lengths in top and side-mounted options, accommodating glass thickness of up to 21.5mm, with fixing mechanisms supplied according to thickness of glass. It’s also counterbored, which means it’s suitable for use with standard, rather than more expensive counter-fix fixings. The design of the system also means that drill holes can be set further apart at distances of up to 400mm (top-mounted). Vetromount also offer the opportunity to up-sell. This is because it’s is supplied by Bohle with a highly innovative clip-and-fix finishing option, which allows installers to apply a stainless steel ‘skin’ to the standard anodised finish. 
Reflecting on PGS’ EasyMount installation Paul continues: “When you look down that full 85m of balustrading, all perfectly aligned it’s a very impressive fit and we’re quite proud of what we achieved. The client was also very happy with the solution because it allowed them to meet the requirement for retention, while preserving the view out across the bay.
“In such a high-end development like that and in a product like balustrading, developers are looking for a very precise fit, which were able to achieve using the EasyMount Vario from Bohle”, he concludes. 
For more about Bohle’s product and service offer visit  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the customer services team free on 0800 616151.







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