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Adamson Astounds New Customers With Apeer’s Single Rebate Door

Composite door manufacturer Apeer is enjoying success in the north of the United Kingdom as both new and existing installer partners across Scotland broaden their product ranges. 
Following an introduction at the FIT Show in May 2019, Adamson Doors took on Apeer as their newest supplier, a decision which enabled the Fife based showroom to offer an alternative, higher quality range of composite doors to their customers. Showroom Assistant Gillian Winiarski joined Adamson in November and has already noticed a heightened interest in the products, compared to other options:
“Of all the benefits that the Apeer doors bring, their all-round versatility definitely stands out the most. We recently had a customer who had purchased a derelict property situated within the grounds of a manor house. Keen to restore his project in keeping with the rest of the site, he wanted a cottage-style door that was high quality and durable against the elements. Unable to find a perfect match anywhere else, he approached us and found exactly that.” Gillian continued, “The Silka collection in particular has had a lot of interest, and while the price point is higher than other products we offer, customers are taken with the quality, and see their purchases as long-term investments for their homes.”
Gillian finished, “I spoke with one of the joiners recently and, having installed hundreds of doors, his initial opinion of Apeer’s single rebate products is that they are far superior to many competitors’ double rebate options. This is especially important for us to understand, as in the showroom we can be certain that customers on a smaller budget will receive a door whose spec isn’t compromised by price.” 
Sales Enquiries: Linda Tomb, Marketing Manager, Apeer Doors, Tel: 084 56 729 333  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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