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AEROPAC Ventilators Supplied To Dyer Mackay Developments

Carl F Groupco has supplied AEROPAC ventilators to Dyer Mackay Developments Ltd for a new housing scheme in Thaxted, Essex.
Having successfully trialled the AEROPAC, the powered ventilators have been installed into the development which is called ‘Maypole View’ and comprises of nine terraced houses, each with three bedrooms. 
Dyer Mackay, which has a reputation for high quality housing developments in the South East of England, is a new customer for Carl F Groupco. The hardware distributor was selected on the basis of product availability and excellent communication, both in response to the initial enquiry and additional information provided.
The recommendation for the AEROPAC, which offers excellent sound insulation and air flow, was provided by a consultant specialising in noise and acoustics. With enhanced acoustics for virtually silent running, the ventilator is capable of moving large volumes of fresh, draught-free air using minimum energy. 
The company advises that other key features of the AEROPAC, manufactured by Siegenia, include optional filters to protect against pollen / fine dust and an active carbon filter to keep out exhaust fume odours. The powered ventilator is popular across a number of sectors and has particular appeal for properties located near busy roads, train lines and on flight paths. Security is also enhanced, particularly overnight, as ventilation can be achieved without the need to leave windows open.
Ventilators are supplied as part of the company’s comprehensive range of over 7,000 window and door hardware products.







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