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Veka Recycling Announces £100k Investment For Wellingborough Facility

VEKA Recycling has announced the latest development to its state-of-the-art Wellingborough facility, in the form of a new silo that has been designed to hold a significant proportion of the old window frames that are delivered to the site, prior to the eventual recycling process. 
The new silo, which has a storage capacity of 130-tonnes, will ensure that VEKA Recycling has a greater overall capacity of materials that can be accepted and stored at its plant. This latest development was installed mid-December 2019, and represents a spend of £100,000, the latest stage in plans for broader investment across the whole facility that will total £10million.
VEKA Recycling’s MD, Simon Scholes, commented: “We are seeing a sharper focus on improved sustainability and recycling across the industry now, as organisations – along with consumers – respond to the increasing concern on environmental issues. We are absolutely committed to combatting these issues and the new silo represents a key stage of our long-term objectives.”
Since moving to its current Wellingborough premises at the end of 2018, the company has rolled out a number of staged investments as it works towards becoming one of the most prominent and advanced recycling centres in Europe.  
Simon added: “To build on our recent improvements to storage and production capacity, we will also be purchasing new machinery, as well as expanding and upskilling our workforce, over the course of the next 12 months. The ongoing and planned growth for VEKA Recycling is certainly bold, but is an indication of how determined we are as an organisation to raise the standard of PVC-U recycling in the UK, increase the awareness of our processes and make a positive, and profound, improvement to the environment.”






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