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Entrance Makes a Match

Entrance Composite Door Solutions have an easy answer for an issue that fabricators and installers deal with regularly – colourmatching frames with doors. 
Time and time again we hear of issues that a door does not match the frame and the homeowner has to accept this as an industry standard, but Entrance CDS are breaking the mould and are offering a Colourmatch frame with their 44mm GRP Composite Door.
By painting the door and frame at the same time the company ensure that the doors and frame are a complete match. Available as a grained frame or smooth PVC, this product offering is quickly becoming their most popular item, and with the option of having the PVC frame welded or mechanically jointed, this option really is a solution for all fabricators and installers. 
They have also introduced their newly developed smooth door finishes in their contemporary range of doors named the Elements and Edge collections. Pairing their smooth door designs with a colourmatch frame have allowed many fabricators and installers to offer an Aluminium styled door without the price tag. This presents a new product offering to a new sector and makes them competitive in the ever growing market where everyone wants something a little different.
Entrance offer fully fabricated doorsets as single, double and stable along with sidelights and toplights all available in white PVC, a range of foiled colours and their colourmatching frame. All doors are fabricated in the prestigious Kommerling C70 or O70 profile, geared with the highly credited Winkhaus doorlocks and the burglary busting Brisant Ultion Cylinder. We provide a wide range of hardware solutions and finishes, and with the knowledge behind us of over 40 years’ experience, we are always striving for the best solutions.
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