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IG Doors celebrates 20 years with Spectus

IG Doors, a leader in the new build and social housing refurbishment sectors has been a Spectus fabricator since 1999 and has just signed a new three-year supply agreement with the systems house.
Rhys Davies of IG Doors said: “We choose our supply partners very carefully – our reputation depends on getting it right. We continue to work with Spectus because the product quality and service is superb and they continue to proactively support our business needs.” As well as praising the quality of the product and service, Rhys also highlights the quality of the technical support the company receives. He said: “For two decades we have worked closely with the Spectus technical team and this proactive support has been invaluable to us.”
IG Doors buys the Elite 70 bevelled door outerframe from Spectus. It uses the outerframe with its GRP composite doors, which is a key product line for the company, not least because it was one of the first companies to bring composite doors to the UK market. Established for over 35 years, the company now manufactures around 3000 doors a week. It has the resources, flexibility and organisational structure to cope with the requirements of major national house builders and developers, local authorities and social housing landlords.
These capabilities are backed up by a team of experienced technical engineers who ensure the specifications meet customer requirements. This is complemented by a highly experienced, nationwide sales team that is able to advise on every aspect of specification and provide site support when required, whether it’s a new build or refurbishment. 
IG Doors’ success is based on a partnership approach to working with its customers. The company seeks the same commitment to excellence from its supply partners. And because it’s just signed a three-year supply agreement to take its partnership with Spectus to 23 years, it’s clear that Spectus is delivering above and beyond.






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