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Business Micros Launches Its Own Courier Service

Business Micros has begun the roll out of its exciting, Next Generation software solutions with the launch of Courier – a mobile delivery scanning app for fabricators.
Courier has been created to work alongside Business Micros’ EvoNET Despatch planning tool and provides the final link in the chain, scanning and recording each item as it is delivered to guarantee On Time In Full performance every single time.
Simple and affordable, Courier gives delivery drivers the tools they need to do a great job. EvoNET Despatch ensures that all items are loaded onto the vehicle correctly, and then the driver uses the integrated Courier app on their Android scanning device to scan those same items as they are unloaded, ensuring that nothing can ever be missed off. 
As well as eliminating paper delivery notes, the app captures the customer’s signature and automatically sends an email confirmation to record each completed drop. The driver using the app simply clicks on each drop once they arrive at that customer and then scans off each item using their device as they unload it from the vehicle. Once every item has been scanned, the customer can sign for that delivery and at that point the information is captured and saved offline. Once the device is within range of 4G or WiFi, then the information is passed back to EvoNET.
Nick Bailey, Business Development Manager, says that Courier delivers all the simplicity and ease of use which it promised when it announced its Next Generation software at last year’s FIT Show. He says: “This is so easy to integrate into any delivery set up and eliminates all those missed items and delivery errors which end up costing money.” 






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