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40 Fabricators Switch To Deceuninck For ‘Better Products And Better Service’

In the last three years, no fewer than 40 fabricators switched to Deceuninck from a total of 10 different systems companies. These fabricators are a mix of all types and sizes. 
But the reasons they give for joining Deceuninck are more choice, an unbeatable colour offering, the Heritage Flush family, better service and relationships, and the opportunity to grow. Deceuninck’s strong green credentials, with one of the largest, most modern recycling plants in Europe, has also been a strong contributory attraction. 
Twenty-two switched from premium sector systems, 11 from middle sector, and 7 from budget sector systems companies. One was a new start. 
Deceuninck MD Rob McGlennon said: “No fabricator takes the decision to switch systems lightly. It’s a big undertaking. They do it because they feel they must - to remove the brakes that are holding them back, and to acquire the growth factor, the competitive edge that will enable them to win business and grow in good markets and bad. In the case of these 40 fabricators who moved to Deceuninck, it was the right decision because their sales are flying! As are ours. These fabricators were hungry to succeed. Our philosophy is to partner fabricators and give them #BestInClass products, support and service so they do well. Our  fabricators set themselves apart with colour and products like the Heritage Flush Window, Heritage Flush Door and Slider 24 patio door. Most of them now sell over 50% colour – our overall sales are 60% foiled - nearly twice the market average. 
“In a market that’s reported to be down around 10%, we finished 2019 a clear 20% up. And we topped a great year by winning ‘Component Supplier of the Year’ at the G19s. And better still, two customers walked away with coveted prizes too. Sternfenster won ‘Fabricator of the Year’ and Nolan uPVC won ‘Installer of the Year’.
Ambitious fabricators can visit, call 01249 816 969 and follow @DeceuninckUK. 






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