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BFRC Strengthen Technical Resources With Industry Leading Expertise

The British Rating Fenestration Council (BFRC), a division of GGF’s Commercial arm and the body responsible for establishing the independent ‘rainbow’ ratings system for the energy performance of windows and doors, has announced the addition of two new technical resources on a permanent basis.
George Higgs, Lead Building Physicist and MD of Building Energy Physics Consultancy Ltd and Richard Bate, Technical Director of Build Check Ltd will provide further technical support to BFRC and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and established proven track records within the field of fenestration product testing and evaluation. Both are long standing members of the BFRC Technical Committee and their increased input, ahead of new product launches in the summer, will broaden the technical diversity and integrity of the council, contributing towards wider acceptance of ‘rainbow’ energy ratings as the industry’s de facto energy performance scheme.
Lis Clarke, BFRC Operations Director, says she is delighted to have secured the further input of two of the industry’s experts: “As the most widely used ratings system in the window and door sector it’s vital we continue to set the benchmark and improve standards throughout the industry. Bringing in such hugely knowledgeable resources will improve our technical standing and expertise immeasurably, ensuring that calculations become even more technically robust.”
Build Check’s Richard Bate responded by saying: “I am delighted to assist in helping them achieve the ambitious goals they have set for the year ahead.” 
George Higgs of BEPC said: “I have had a long standing relationship with BFRC for many years and therefore delighted to be able to work with them as a technical consultant.”






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