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Mighton Products’ Avia Smart Lock Wins Global 2020 IoT Breakthrough Award

Mighton Products announce that its Avia Smart Lock has been selected as the global winner of the “Smart Lock Product of the Year” award in the 4th Annual IoT Breakthrough Awards Program. 
The mission of the IoT Breakthrough Awards program is to recognise the innovators, leaders and visionaries from around the globe in a range of IoT categories. “Unlike many other smart locks, Avia uses the latest advanced 256 bit encryption for the transfer of data, so the communication between the phone and the lock is protected at the highest level possible,“ said James Johnson, MD at IoT Breakthrough. “Their innovations continue with their introduction of child safety features, and simply put - Mighton Products is now a leading force of innovation in the smart lock arena.”
Mighton Products has also developed ‘optical pairing’ as part of the process for adding a lock to consumer home system and devices. Optical pairing is known to be secure against ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks due to its inherent privacy, made possible by the close physical proximity and the single ‘point to point’ procedure. It works by communicating one of the pairing encryption keys through a ‘light flashing pattern’ from one device to the other. 
“We believe that every smart lock should be subject to the industry’s most rigorous testing, including both hardware and software components,” said Mike Derham, Chairman, Mighton Products. “Avia is all about security and about peace of mind, so we didn’t want to make Avia just secure, we wanted to be able to prove Avia’s security credentials too. That's why we have sent Avia to the world’s best security testing houses and we are proud to receive their validation, as well as the IoT Breakthrough Award designation.”






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