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“Freefoam Value Our New Build Customers As Much As We Do”

General Building Plastics (GBP) is a an independent supplier of PVC building products to the building and home improvement trade. Based in Rugeley with six other trade counters throughout the Midlands, Shropshire and Oxfordshire GBP also specialise in supply to local and national housebuilders.
 Working closely with Freefoam as sole supplier of PVC fascia, soffit and gutter since 1994, GBP have found that Freefoam’s support to the new build market to be particularly invaluable. The relationship has grown and developed over the years and to the mutual benefit of both.
Courtney Robertson, Area Sales Manager, explains “It would be easy to say we chose them as a supplier because of the quality of their products and the consistency of supply, and that’s why we continue to buy from Freefoam . . . but the reason why we started the relationship in the first place and the reason why the relationship continues today is the way they value our customers as much as we do.”
GBP find that their wide range of styles, sizes and colours of fascia and soffit are particularly suitable for the new build market. The variety enables housebuilders to source high quality, long lasting, low maintenance materials suitable for any style of home, but still allows them to remain competitive in the market place. 
But as manufactures, Freefoam don’t just provide products. They are committed to supporting customers throughout the supply process from providing tender documents, back office support and onsite help and back up where needed.  Courtney explained “We find their support invaluable. They also help us build new business by recommending us as new build partners and providing me with sales leads that often lead to quality business. They work with us as a business, and want us to grow, and we couldn’t have done it without them.”
Please find link to video of General Building Plastics and Barwood Homes






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