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Two Roof Glass Brands, Combined Technical Capabilites

Clayton Glass’s SMARTGLASS product has long been associated with outstanding quality and performance and now the recent acquisition of the Celsius Glass brand brings further product capability to customers.
From a technical perspective the customers of both Celsius and Smartglass now have additional brand propositions and technical capabilities to promote to discerning consumers. With one of the market leading U-values of 0.9 W/(m2K), Celsius Elite is the first dedicated conservatory roof glass to achieve a sub 1.0 rating, while Smartglass Ultra 86 is the sector benchmark for a g-value of 86%. 
For trade partners, this means that they can now choose the best glass for each individual project and to support consumer demand. Together this means that customers can offer both brands with the support of an award-winning business. #TheClaytonDifference has been a service initiative that has really captured the imagination of customers across the business for the last two years. Ultimately, it's our commitment to invest and implement a better way of doing business by combining IT solutions with an outstanding level of customer care.
With the combined resources and expertise, a research and development programme is now being introduced to help realise a next generation glass solution, that offers both U-value and g-value in a single IGU. At the same time there are other product developments being looked at for glass roofs, along with bi-folding and patio doors options. 
Ryan Green, MD commented: “We want both the Celsius and Smartglass brands to enjoy cross selling opportunities with the ultimate conservatory roof glass offering and this is a major plus for customers.”  
For further information please visit and You can also add to their respective Twitter accounts @ClaytonGlass and @CelsiusGlass. 







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