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Four More Top People Join Garnalex Top Team

Everything is on track for the launch of the revolutionary Sheerline® system in Q1 2020, and Garnalex’ transformation of fabricators’ and installers’ experience of buying, making, installing and selling aluminium windows and doors. 
The state-of-the-art factory is extruding, the technical team is redesigning aluminium windows and doors from the ground up, and four more big-hitters have joined the Garnalex top team. 
Darrell Woodward is the UK Sales Manager. Working in the aluminium extrusion industry for over 35 years, he says the response to Garnalex has been “phenomenal, trade extrusion enquiries are coming in fast and we have the potential to expand into so many markets that use extrusion. It’s the most exciting investment in the industry for many years, and there’s no other facility like it in the UK.” 
Richard Munyard joins LB Plastics, part of Garner Holdings, as Injection Mould Consultant. With a 30-year career as MD of S&S Plastics, Richard remained with the company when it was sold to Eurocell in 2015 and has worked with Roger on injection moulding requirements for the last 10 years. Richard’s main priority at LB Plastics is overseeing a £750,000 tooling investment in moulding machines, robotics and tools, and co-ordinating between the technical team and his contacts in the tooling industry. 
Ross Hartshorn, Technical Production Director, began his career as an apprentice in tooling design, manufacturing and maintenance at HL Plastics. He now oversees all aspects of the factory development from designing the layout of the new plant, the equipment, tooling and maintenance, to helping design the internal process management system GarnerSyS.  
Tracy Edmunds, Hardware Design and Development Engineer, joined after a career with ERA hardware, Winlock and HL Plastics. Tracy has been tasked with sourcing and developing a varied range of complementary hardware for the Sheerline window system. 
For more information on Garnalex and the upcoming Ambassador Workshops where you can learn more about Garnalex’ philosophy and visit the factory, see and follow @GarnalexSystems. 







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