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Icoview Quickly Becoming The Installer’s Favourite

For such a new product, Icotherm’s Icoview has been received with much anticipation. And when you see the type of installation it goes on, it is no wonder installers are keen to get their hands on it, says Anne-Marie Busch, Icotherm’s Marketing Manager.
The beautiful installation shown was carried out by fast growing World of Smile. Fully bespoke, with a gable room, followed by a lean-to incorporating an open porch, it has completely transformed the appearance of the property. The addition of the Icoview option on every roof slope has ensured that the gable room replacing the old conservatory was still bathed in light; but the replacement roof all along the lean-to area was also provided with extra lighting thanks to Icoview, and that was just icing on the cake.
Jon Burke, MD for World of Smile, comments: “Icoview captured the imagination of our customers from the moment we put it in our showsites”
The Icoview option is available with glazed units of up to 4000 x 800mm and can be supplied in single units or multiple units side by side, as shown on the photos. Double Pods will offer a beam for additional strength and will give the ceiling a modern feel when left exposed. The glazing tracks and gaskets are pre-installed for ease, ready for the unit. All units must be squared edge.
Icoview will fit most standard Icotherm roof system sizes but will require a check of roof loading calculation for compliance.
ABOUT ICOTHERM: Icotherm Roof Systems is a trading name of Iconservatories Limited. Icotherm Roof Systems designs and manufactures a range of timber framed warm roof solutions for the trade. Our most popular solution, Icoroof – a pitched roof, has sold in the thousands since its inception in 2014. 
For further information contact Anne-Marie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit, 01204 773040







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