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DGS Announces Launch Of The Latest Best Performing Innovation In The World Of Rigid Warmedge Spacer Bars

DGS Group announces launch of Multitech G, the latest performing innovation of rigid warm edge spacer bars.
With such an emphasis on improving thermal performance across the whole range of building products, Marketing Manager Louise Burnell says she is receiving more and more enquiries about how to increase the performance of IG units.
Louise comments “As an initial response and in conjunction with our long term suppliers a new thermally improved rigid spacer bar Multitech was developed with a Psi value of 0.13. This was a starting point and a process of continuous development was implemented which has now resulted in the launch of Multitech G with a world beating Psi value of 0.125.  
“One of the big complaints on warm edge bars was the sometimes visible barrier tape protruding on to the sight line.  As an added bonus this problem has now been eliminated by the introduction of a completely clear modified glass barrier tape.
“Backing up such an innovative bar and maintaining such a high standard we need the very best performance sealants. This comes in the form of Hotver Plus hot melt which has the best performance in terms of adhesion, moisture vapour transmission rate and gas retention. All in all a great package giving longer life to the units and a spacer bar performance value at least 11% greater than any other known bar.”
For more information contact DGS Group on 01332 811611.







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