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More of A Good Thing: Endurance Marketing Team Expands

To keep up with increased business, Endurance has expanded its marketing department. The changes will ensure they can continue helping installers drive up sales. 
At the head of the team, Scott Foster is remaining in his role as Marketing Manager. He will continue overseeing and guiding the business going forward.
Kerri Walker is the newest addition to the marketing team. She is taking on the position of Marketing Administrator. She will be continuing the superior service that Endurance is famous for providing to their installers. Her specialist on-call support will be available to all customers, co-ordinating the production and delivery of brochures, sample materials as well as providing useful online marketing support.
Marketing Executive, Jenny Harris, is Endurance’s Business to Consumer marketing specialist. Tasked with generating large numbers of homeowner enquiries for the Preferred Installer Network, Jenny’s extensive knowledge of Digital and Social Media Marketing will also provide a useful resource for their customer base.
Joining Jenny as a Marketing Executive is the newly promoted, Hollie Cope. Her new role focuses on managing the Installer Network. She will create and provide useful sales and marketing tools to the network’s members. She is committed to making it easy for installers to grow their sales in the most effective way possible.
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