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MD Of Trims And Things: “I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am Without Freefoam.”

After 25 years of trading, Yorkshire-based Trims and Things has grown to be one of the market-leading suppliers of PVC-UE roofline products and building plastics. 
The company prides itself on its experience-based knowledge of products, so Freefoam’s continually evolving range of products and support have been a perfect fit – and the starting point for a twenty-year relationship.
John Gough, MD of Trims and Things, explains: “We’ve been using Freefoam exclusively since June 1999. We used another supplier for years, but the quality of its products had been starting to deteriorate and when we moved premises, it was an ideal opportunity to switch.”
This year sees John set to retire after more than 25 years at the helm. He has seen many changes, but praises Freefoam’s ability to adapt and meet customers’ demands while always maintaining the high quality of its products and service.
“Freefoam has always been a progressive company and very good at listening to its customers. It was one of the first manufacturers to respond to the demand for colours and Anthracite Grey really kicked things in to gear. Offering a complete roofline package was a game-changer, and Freefoam’s product guarantees have steadily increased to today’s lifetime guarantee on white products. We’ve rarely needed to replace its product,  but when this has happened, Freefoam had no qualms about providing a replacement and reimbursing the fitter for the installation.”
“I wouldn’t be where I am without Freefoam. Its product range and support have helped Trims and Things to grow and thrive. The product is right, the support is right, and the company is right – you can tell Freefoam’s values are central to what they do. With Freefoam, I get the sense the company cares. That is rare amongst suppliers.” 







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