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North East Bifolds Switch To Kombimatec CNC After Seeing The Performance For Themselves

In business as an aluminium window and sliding door fabricator and installer for just three years, volumes had grown quickly for North East Bifolds Ltd so the owners decided to invest in a CNC machining centre. 
However, having made the decision to purchase such a machine from one supplier, directors Tony Meah and Chris Craggs switched to a Kombimatec AMC308 after seeing one in action at a business associate’s factory. “Just before we placed an order for a CNC machining centre we happened to see the Kombimatec machine in operation. The efficiency, ease of operation and the quality of the work it produces made us completely rethink our choice, and we called Kombimatec” explained Tony Meah.
When Kombimatec MD David Parsons took the enquiry he insisted upon fully evaluating the company’s needs before taking an order: “David is very clued up and helpful,” said Tony “and wanted to assess our needs to make sure that the machine was right for us. As it happens, it has been the perfect choice with the results proving themselves in the increase in output and quality. In fact,” added Tony, ”we have been so pleased with the machine and the way they have looked after us, we have now bought one of their double mitre saws.”
The Kombimatec AMC308 Automatic CNC Machining Centre, has been developed for both aluminium and PVC-U profiles, automatically performs all drilling, routing, slotting, tapping and milling functions via a sophisticated control system and intuitive touch screen interface and includes electronic variable speed control and 4 adjustable pneumatic clamps. The installation is fully enclosed for safety and noise reduction. North East Bifolds also upgraded their machine to include an automatic tool change cabinet to further increase efficiency. The Compound Double Mitre Saw subsequently purchased, is the Kombimatec DGS570, which also uses advanced control software & fully complements the machining centre. 
North East Bifolds Ltd began life after Tony’s housebuilding firm consistently experienced poor deliveries and product quality from its window and door suppliers: “Builders need windows and doors on time and in full, and we were let down so often that Chris and I decided to set up and make our own,” said Tony.
“Our commitment to supplying builders when we say we will do it, has really worked for us to the point where we needed to invest in the Kombimatec to step up output and maintain and even improve quality. Business has grown rapidly making and installing Schuco doors, especially in high-end homes, together
with Smart windows and doors. We have an excellent reputation now and the business is now outstripping our day jobs,” he joked.  
Founded in 1984 Kombimatec has delivered more than 20,000 machines worldwide for frame production using both PVC-U and aluminium profiles. With a design and manufacturing base in the UK, Kombimatec machines have an excellent reputation for being easy to use and simple to maintain. The company’s CAD-equipped experts assist with factory planning using technical expertise built over more than 30 years serving the UK frame manufacturing industry.   
For more information visit:  Or call direct on 01582 562218







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