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Glazerite Is At The Forefront Of The Smart Home Movement

The Ultion lock has been fitted as standard for many years by The Glazerite UK Group Ltd, offering homeowners safe, secure doors that stop burglars entering their homes. The pressure for door manufacturers to enter the smart home market has been vast.  
Glazerite and Brisant know that the most important aspect of any door lock, whether smart or not, is that it is secure.  Ultion Smart offers that solution.  The concept of having the industry-expected three-star security benefits wrapped up into a smart solution, is one that Glazerite are not prepared to miss.
It has just received a five star review from gadget magazine, Stuff.  Editor James Day honed-in on two main points that seemed to be the main reasons that it scored so highly.  Firstly, its simple.  There are no holes to drill or wires to connect.  In addition, pairing it with the app is quick, it works and is feature rich.
Secondly, Stuff found the auto-unlock function “entirely reliable.” James put this down to the partnership between a traditional top security company in Brisant and a tech company, bringing the military encrypted Danalock V3 technology to the table.
Jeff Dunn, Group Sales and Marketing Director of Glazerite said, “What has impressed me most about Ultion Smart is it still delivers the high standard of security that our installer partners find a key selling benefit.  Whilst I especially liked the wireless keypad, you’ll never convert homeowners that want a real key so having that option is great too and will appeal to a wider audience.”
The lock offers ‘on approach’ auto unlocking; it can be used on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and is compatible across multiple platforms.  The app offers electronic invites for guests, auto unlocking and auto locking after a selected time.
For further information on Glazerite please visit For all other enquiries on the Brisant Secure product range visit, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01924 410200. You can also follow them on Twitter @BrisantSecure, @UltionLock @sweethardware and @LockLockSecure.







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