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Unbelieveable Year

Warmer Roof Ltd have recently completed their first years trading in what can only be described as an unbelievable and ground breaking year. Sales targets were exceeded month on month and continuous investment was made in both the factory and the product.
With the current uncertainties regarding that ‘B’ word and the weakening position of the pound versus the dollar, Karl Muspratt the Managing Director and Dilip Choudhury, the Sales Director decided that they would need to consolidate the existing business and seek to obtain assurances from suppliers that price increases would be kept to at least a minimum, if not at all.
Prices of some materials being used in other roofing systems can be very volatile, and price rises have become inevitable, as supplies come from either the EEC, the Far East, or America. Aluminium is one such product and as the Warmer Roof is a timber system and does not contain Aluminium is not subject to such price volatility.
After months of negotiations with their suppliers, the two Directors have had agreements from all suppliers and can now guarantee that their roof prices will remain static throughout 2020. Yes - no price rises for replacement roofs in 2020.
Deliveries are presently free throughout England and Wales but if fuel prices were to rise significantly then a fuel surcharge may have to be added to a delivery.
The Warmer Roof is so quick and easy to fit that fitting times can be reduced significantly, in fact some of our customers are fitting the Warmer Roof in one day!!
Dilip comments: “When I was being told how quick that some of our customers were fitting the Warmer Roof I thought that Superman must have been in their fitting teams”
Karl also comments: “The amount of resource that we are putting into Warmer Roof can only benefit our customers and increase their profit margin. Consumers are now asking for the Warmer Roof by name, having seen the ‘U’ value of 0.14Wm2K, and realising that disruption is kept to a minimum because of the ease of fitment and lower fitting times.”
The Warmer Roof new showroom will be available before the end of the year for our customers and also to use to show consumers around. Manufacturing will also be commencing soon for the Garden Rooms and Extensions.
Karl says “Not only will we have the Warmer Roof but also Warmer Room which will enable our customers to purchase either the Garden Rooms or Extensions in kit form together with the Warmer Roof.”
The Garden Room would be capable of being fitted in one day and the Extension within two weeks including base and walls, and Karl says these too will also be industry leading products.
Karl and Dilip would welcome any enquiries for their products, and to show prospective customers where savings can be made from using their existing suppliers.







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