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Seamless Service To The Housebuilding Supply Chain Is Key To Freefoam’s Success

Since it was established in 2012, PCP Cladding Ltd has been working with Freefoam to supply PVC-UE roofline solutions to major housebuilders across the UK. The Surrey-based stockist supplies all of the major housebuilders in the south of the UK, and aims to excel on service.
The reliable quality of Freefoam’s product range and service is key to the longstanding relationship. Andy Loasby, Director of Sales at PCP Cladding, explains: “They provide great service, a wide product range and a strong commitment to quality, which aligns with our values. The support we get is geared towards what we need, including regular site visits to our new build projects. Their products are easy to install, which keeps the production chain smooth for us and our housebuilder customers throughout the pipeline.”
Freefoam’s role in the housebuilding supply chain is examined in a recent video from the company, which features insights from the key players at each stage of the supply chain: from the manufacturer, Freefoam; to the stockist, PCP Cladding; and finally the housebuilder, Chartway Group.
Freefoam’s full range of products, and their consistent quality, support PCP in providing the roofline solutions their customers need and want. For Andy, the range of coloured roofline products is an example of how the company responds quickly to consumer demands. He adds: “Freefoam have been quick to make sure their offering appeals to consumers. They were pioneers in bringing out coloured roofline products. As well as traditional white, we’ve been supplying grey and black products to Chartway’s new build sites for the last five years. Chartway are happy with Freefoam, which means we’re happy with it.”
To learn how Freefoam is #HelpingCustomersGrow through its product range, service, marketing support and industry-leading guarantees, call 01604 591110 or visit Follow @freefoam on Twitter. The video covering the relationship between Freefoam, PCP Cladding and Chartway Group is available now on Freefoam’s YouTube channel at:








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