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Expect More From Your Fabricator

In today's world, success isn't just about how good your product is, it's increasingly about customer service and the benefits you can offer.
When developing The Signature Collection, MD Jeff Walsh's aim was to offer something truly unique and pave the way for a new dynamic in the industry with how consumers view windows and their expectations of customer service. Consideration was also paid to how Pearl interacts with their customers, to make it as simple and easy as possible for installation companies to order from Pearl and grow.
Thinking about each step individually, Jeff firstly began by branding The Signature Collection with a slick, clean and modern design, reflecting perfectly the range of products and features available. This then followed with a unique marketing package, available to installers looking to offer homeowners something different and provides a very effective point of sale.
Then he developed an App  to provide installers with help to increase conversions and sell more by effectively showing the consumer exactly how the products will look - rather than looking at pictures in a catalogue alone.
When the installation is complete, installers can very easily self certify and register all warranties via the app, within seconds. The customer then receives all the documentation from CORGI Fenestration within the next 48 hours.
It doesn't just end with the benefits to installers, homeowners benefit from having a single point of call for any remedials needed with their windows and doors.
Having fully invested in an automated and barcoded factory, Pearl is the only Fabricator to offer QR coding on every individual window and door. This ground breaking ability advantages both installation companies and homeowners, and provides full traceability of all products for  giving access to parts and codes for remedials together with so many other benefits.
To help installers grow, The Signature Collection will be heavily promoted on social media, selling it's many advantages and educating consumers on the service advances Pearl have made. The new website is a retail facing platform that will generate leads for The Signature Collection partners. It is important to understand that Pearl Window Systems are not an installation company so they don't compete with their customers.
To complete this innovative offering, Pearl have partnered with the UK's most trusted quality assurance company CORGI Fenestration, providing consumer confidence and simplifying self certification for registered installers, by integrating that process within the app.
The Signature Collection is innovative, redefining consumer & installer expectations by going where no others can. 







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