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Customer Poll Reaffirms Emplas’ Commitment To Customer Service

A new customer poll has found more than two thirds of Emplas existing customers gave the trade fabricator a 9 or 10 out of ten for support and service.
Conducted earlier this year, the study was designed to benchmark Emplas’ performance and identify areas where there was scope to do better as part of a commitment to continuous improvement. 
This included the use of the Net Promoter Score metric, which is calculated on a single question: ‘how likely are you to recommend a company, its products and service, to someone else?’ Scored out of 10, those who respond with a response of 9-10 are classed as ‘promoters’; those returning a 7 or 8 are classed as ‘passives’; while those giving scores of 0-6 are classed as ‘detractors’. The final metric (NPS) is  the number of promoters, less the number of detractors. 
With two thirds of respondents falling into the promoter camp, this gave Emplas a NPS of 58.5%. 
“The result was exceptional”, said Roberto Canassa, IT and Customer Experience Director,  “anything above zero is seen as a positive. A Net Promoter Score of almost 60% is absolutely first class. 
“Our focus now will be on picking up on the very important feedback we received from those customers who didn’t give us a ranking of eight or above to understand why and identify areas for improvement.”
Ryan Johnson, MD, said that the results of the customer poll were encouraging but that they represented the start of a process. He said: “We’re clearly pleased by the results we’ve seen. The team here is very committed to do everything it can to support our customers but we’re not perfect, we don’t get it right every time and we need to learn from those experiences. The most important thing for me personally, is that we’re very much on that journey with our customers and through a genuine commitment to partnership working, will grow and move forward into the future with them.”
For more information on Emplas visit , email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01933 674880.







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