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Taking The Industry By Storm

Smart Ready continues to follow up enquiries from its successful FIT Show debut having run over 1300 unique demos to interested hardware companies, fabricators and installers across the three days of the show. 
Giovanni Laporta, innovator behind the concept comments: “We knew Smart Ready was right for the industry, but we have been blown away by the response it received at the show and since. Our Apple store style stand grabbed attention and was like its own show within a show with a constant stream of visitors from 10am on opening day, right up until 4pm on closing day. And the interest hasn’t subsided since – the whole team has been busy with new and existing forward-thinking customers who are excited about the concept. 
“All companies have to do to get Smart Ready is follow some minimum requirements, which put simply is preparing windows and doors for smart anytime. Smart Ready is awarded to New Build house builders, Architects and Designers, Manufacturers, Installers and Hardware products."
“Being Ready is the take home message. It suits two minds, the people not ready to make any big leap to smart today but want to future proof the home with windows and doors that are ready for smart in the future, and the people who are ready to be smart now." 
“A GfK Global report cites the UK as the fastest-growing and second largest market for sales of ‘smart’ home devices. Smart Ready certification is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to benefit from this massive market potential, in a way that suits them. It’s free and easy to do. Smart Ready genuinely believes that soon, if fabricators and installers are not selling a Smart Ready® window and door, they won’t be selling at all. Ready or not, smart is coming.”
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