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Liniar Appoints New Design and Development Director From Within

More than 15 years ago, Chris Armes began his journey at Liniar as a young apprentice in the tool room. Chris learned quickly and having spent time in different departments decided his career path would be best focused on innovation, design and bringing new ground-breaking products to market.
Following the recent departure of Adrian Redshaw who now begins a new chapter in his career, Chris has been announced as his successor. This brings to fruition the company’s long-term plan and is a credit to the whole team at Liniar that this succession planning has been seamless, with a tremendous amount of strength and depth within the entire Design and Development Department.
Martin Thurley, Group MD is delighted to confirm this appointment: “Chris has long been an integral part of our Design and Development team, helping to bring to market numerous products that would win awards and set the standard for the industry. 
“This story is yet another in Liniar’s history of apprentices growing into something incredible, with Chris being one of many apprentices to rise through the ranks to senior positions within the company. It’s an excellent example of what can be achieved through apprenticeships and investing in people for the long term. With Chris at the helm of our new product development and with the support of a very strong and competent team, the future looks bright for Liniar! Exciting times are ahead.”







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