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Sliding Door Hardware – We Have Lift Off, Says Hoppe (UK)

Over recent years, large patio doors that allow lots of natural light into the home have become increasingly popular in the UK. The trend for linking the home and garden into one connected living space has fuelled a trend for a wide range of glass doors. 
Although they look great, some of these door systems can be difficult to manoeuvre, and in some cases quite dangerous for unwary hands.
Thanks to the flush lift and slide door handle from HOPPE (UK), homeowners can now let more natural light into their home without having to worry about how to operate the door.
Lift and slide patio doors allow you to use larger glass panels than other types of door systems but, despite the additional weight, lift and slide door systems are much easier to use.
Architectural Ironmongers B J Waller approached HOPPE (UK) looking for a solution to a non-traditional sliding door installation.
“I was asked by our customer to come up with a solution for a pair of pocket lift and slide doors that closed onto a corner post,” said Adrian Bailey, technical sales representative. “Standard lift and slide handles would have collided with each other, but as the HOPPE handle sits flush to the door, it provided the perfect fit and our customer was really pleased with the final design.” 
By simply turning the lever handle to 180°, the panels lift off the track and slide open. The advanced running gears allow you to move multiple inline panels that weigh up to 440kg each.
Lisa Nightingale, door and window sales manager at HOPPE (UK), says: “Lift and slide door systems are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as they allow for much larger openings. The flush design of the handle complements minimalist design, and homeowners feel like they are bringing the outside in without having their view blocked by bulky doors and hardware.” 
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