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Yale Sets The Standard By Upgrading To Stainless Steel

Yale has announced that it is upgrading to stainless steel on all of its multipoint lock faceplates as standard, providing new user features and benefits in terms of durability, aesthetics and reduced carbon footprint.
Stainless steel is instantly associated by the consumer with its anti-corrosion properties; is more durable in transportation and fabrication and is less susceptible to surface damage and corrosion, ensuring a longer lasting and sturdier locking solution.
Yale’s shift to stainless steel supports the ASSA ABLOY group’s sustainability initiatives, tackling industrial processes that are present and challenging throughout the hardware industry today.
The chemical process of plating has always created environmental challenges in that, by-product must be disposed of correctly and with extreme care to avoid environmental damage – whereas stainless steel has no requirement for this process entirely, with the whole manufacturing process taking place solely at Yale HQ. This improves carbon footprint, avoiding the need to transport components to and from specialist platers or avoiding manufacture off-shore where controls may be less stringent, whilst also ensuring a more ethical sourcing approach as it does not exploit the cheaper prices typically available in developing countries. 
Paul Atkinson, Sales and Commercial Director, comments: “The durability and consumer perception of the multipoint lock will be enhanced with this simple change to stainless steel as standard. Being able to deliver an overall enhanced product, as well as moving to a more socially sustainable process, is clearly a great success and something that has appeal to the trade and consumer alike.” No customer prices will be affected as a direct result of this enhancement.
For more information on Yale’s multi-point door locks and their sustainability initiatives, please visit  







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