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Solid Roof System

When it comes to solid roofs the market broadly leans 2 ways, both of which aim towards the same goal: provide an alternative solution to a standard conservatory roof, to allow the homeowner to completely transform their conservatories into a “normal” plastered room and all the comforts this provides.
The concept of the Icotherm roof system stemmed from the belief that timber would be an improved solution over aluminium. Using a material with thermal conductivity of only 0.16 W/m2k (vs 160 W/m2k for aluminium) immediately simplifies the process of insulation and ventilation, as the timber does not require cloaking. Using premium C24 building grade timber and 155mm EPS boards guarantees the structural integrity and U-Value performance (0.18W/m2k, which can be brought down to 0.12W/m2k with the use of insulated plasterboard, ideal for the Scottish market). 
The roof has been designed to be fully ventilated, with airflow circulating over the eaves and through the entire roof, ensuring condensation will never be an issue. Pre-fabricated pods and pre-cut insulation provides the installer with a solution that goes up quickly (an average sized roof should go up in 2 hours, with the waterproof membrane on) – always a plus for the homeowner.
This is why Icotherm believes their solution is the best one available on the market today. The company has invested heavily in machinery and people - and will carry on doing so to ensure product quality consistency. “We are here to stay. We want to  be the system supplier of choice for UK installers  because we are good at what we do” says Anne-Marie Busch, Marketing Manager. “The Icotherm roofs are not just JHAI approved, they also come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, and we take that commitment to heart.
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