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A Helping Hand

Lambert GT Services have recently lent a helping hand to window and door specialists Apeer and provided the new Northglass AG-series Forced Convection furnace, helping them to quadruple their Lumi capacity.
With demand for the Lumi range trebling in the last year alone, Apeer invested in a new £750,000 toughening line to stay ahead of 'exponential' growth of it's Lumi and Lumi2 windows and doors. To do this, they called on the help of David and the team at Lambert GT services and purchased the new furnace which can not only handle glass up to 5m x 2.8m – almost four times the area of the existing line – but is also highly energy-efficient and gives an improved surface finish to the glass with less 'roller wave'.
R&D officer at Apeer, Robert Foster said “The biggest single pane for any Lumi window we’ve made so far has been 3m x 2m but the clean, contemporary lines of the system mean that architects are constantly looking to use it in bigger and better expanses. The new line means we can go on meeting their requirements as well as taking much more future growth in our stride for a long time to come. And while we don’t expect many oversize panes with the retrofit nature of Lumi2, the improved surface will bring real benefits here too.”
David Lambert, TD, comments: “This project was the first of 4 machines in as many months for us to install , we worked with the customer to ensure everything went to plan. Once the containers had been unloaded it took just 10 days to get the machine ready for power. At one stage we were knocking down block walls in order for us to continue positioning the machine , it’s this kind of attitude that is keeping us ahead in the game , where some people would of put down the tools , we picked them up.”
For more information, please contact Lambert GT Services on tel; 01827 319804.






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