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New Milestones For Long-Standing VBH Staff

This year marks significant work anniversaries for several members of the VBH (GB) team. Between them, this amounts to over 250 years’ service!   Simon Monks, MD says:
 “The commitment shown by our staff is truly outstanding, and I’d like to thank all of our staff, from oldest to newest, for their contribution.”
Several people have been at the company since long before it was known as VBH. Robb Crampton (Commercial Manager - 34 Years), Colin Russell (Technical Advisor - 25 Years), Gary Gleeson (Marketing Manager - 25 years), Lee Pollard (Goods In Team Leader - 34 years) and Lesley Mills (Customer Service Co-ordinator - 33 years) are all based at the company’s Kent HQ.
Other stalwarts from further afield include Allan Price (General Manager - Scotland & NI - 30 years), Phil Thomas (Sales & General Manager – Wales & South West England - 25 years), Colin Thomas (Area Sales Manager for Wales - 30 years) and Mark Reid (East Kilbride Warehouse Supervisor - 20 years).
When these team members joined, the company was still known as Wagner and some of their colleagues hadn’t yet been born! Robb Crampton and Colin Russell both describe how the customers’ needs have always been at the heart of the company’s philosophy.
Robb says: “When I started with VBH (Heinz Wagner back in the day) we fought hard to get the business working in a very competitive market. We have gone from strength to strength and now we’re one of the largest players in a multi-million-pound global industry.”  Colin Russell echoes his comments: “There have been many hardware and product changes over the years but our core values as a company remain the same.” 
Marketing Manager, Gary Gleeson says: “I’m 25 years into my second stint having originally joined the company in 1984. Genuinely, those years have flown by. This is due largely to the superb team here. Everyone is focused on getting it right for the customer and making VBH easy to deal with.”
VBH enquiries: Gary Gleeson (Marketing Manager), VBH GB, Gillingham Business Park, Bailey Drive, Gillingham ME8 0WG Tel: 01634 263263 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  






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