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Cogs In The Machine

So we are a month into 2019 already and everyone has returned from the Christmas break feeling well rested and ready to go, hitting the ground running with heavy workloads filling up the diaries already. 
With the year ahead of us, it's always a great time to re-assess those resolutions you may have made for your business. Plans to expand? New products? Rebranding? We all have plans to grow and strive to do better at something and now is a good time to think about the people that can help you get to where you want to be- your staff. 
Is there more you can do to keep the staff morale on a high? Incentives you can put in place so that you can all achieve your goals together? Targets with a “prize” for the winner- a box of chocolates, a voucher, or a team experience like an escape room  for example. 
Little things will mean a lot to your staff as they will feel appreciated whilst also working harder for you. It helps to ask your staff what they want - be prepared for unrealistic options - but you will find that if they agree their own incentives, targets and prizes, they will more than likely take ownership and feel motivated to achieve it because 1) you have included them in the decision process so they feel important and 2) the prize is something they want to earn and they will work for it. 
Regular meetings with your staff to iron out any issues is also important, making your work place free from negativity and giving your team a feeling that they are being listened to and their feelings appreciated.
Spending your time looking after your cogs and keeping them well oiled will make your machine work better and more efficiently.






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