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Two Aftersales Administrators Join Endurance

With the customer journey in mind, Endurance has recently added two new Aftersales Administrators to their growing team. Bethany and Cassie have joined an already experienced team, and will be working to improve customer service and communication levels.
Once an order has been placed, Bethany and Cassie will provide a friendly point of call for any customer enquiries while providing updates on orders. Working to improve the communication chain between Endurance and their customers, Cassie and Bethany will help to make ordering a door a customer friendly, seamless experience. 
To help cover more ground more effectively, Bethany will be looking after customers based in the North of England: joining the team from a local charity that rehomes and cares for dogs. Cassie, on the other hand, will be looking after customers based in the East of England: joining the team from a structural steel company where she built relationships with their clients.
Stephen Nadin, MD, commented on these new additions:  “One of our main focuses for the coming year is to improve the way in which we communicate with our customers. As our business grows, we want to ensure all of our customers have a reliable point of call who can answer their questions and provide updates whenever they are required. Bethany and Cassie have both hit the ground running and are already delivering exceptional customer service to their customers.”
This new recruitment is a demonstration of the companies initiative to help improve their communications. Alongside this, they are also investing in a new telephone system as well as automated order updates, so customers can track their orders throughout the process. 
If you’re interested in becoming an Endurance Preferred Installer, call 01652 659 259 and ask to speak with the Marketing Team.






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